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Who is the Competent Person?

An individual who has been certified by the Director General of DOE as competent to handle the operation of the pollution control system or scheduled waste management. The individual must go through the certification process and comply with all requirements before certified as a Competent Person.

Competent Person

Section 49A, AKAS, 1974
An owner or occupier of a premise shall employ a person who has been certified by the Director General as a competent person to conduct all or any of the following activities:

  1. the operation of control equipment;
  2. the management of scheduled waste ;
  3. the conduct of studies;
  4. the preparation and submission of reports, plans, proposals, engineering drawings or other documents relating to environmental matters.


Process to be certified as Competent Person

List of certified Competent Persons

Individuals who have been certified as Competent Persons, will be listed in the National Registry of Certified Environmental Professional (NRCEP) System. The NRCEP system is an online system to manage the implementation of the certification process of Competent Persons as well as the management of competency profiles of Competent Persons. The list of Competent Person can be referred in NRCEP system.

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How to maintain the competency of Competent Person?

Every Competent Person must continuously maintain the competencies that have been acquired through continuous knowledge improvement and the implementation of compliance aspects of pollution control operations or continuous environmental management. Through Continuing Professional Development (CPD), each OYB must collect a number of annual CPD points set by the Department of Environment to enable the competencies possessed by the OYB to be maintained. Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development requirements for Competent Persons have been prepared by EiMAS and can be referred here.

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